We here at The Connect believe in a human, dignified, and structured approach in everything we do.  We consult and provide planning and services to vulnerable populations.  We show you the Client a FUN road to Independence while teaching the most important value of paying-it-forward.  Through our belief systems, direct practices, and access to a wide-array of resources, we will support and revitalize the client's passions and create a successful lifestyle.


We specialize in rescue of those in need, resource referral, specialized and fast
case management, planning, scheduling, creating a baseline of support, and removing barriers to success.  We provide the client with a road to success from rescue to independence by recognizing needs, providing resources, retaining community involvement, and building business centered on revealed passion once stabilized through community resource.  After the business is created, we mentor the client and build a strong B2B relationship.


Our process and responses are as complex as the challenges we face.  The five steps in our operational structure are categorized as:


Case Management

Mental Health





We are ready and able.  We have security teams and network with local and federal law enforcement, community resources, vetted volunteer to professional, community strong hands, and other resources as needed to provide the precise assistance required according to the needs of the individual.  Our contacts range from civilian to government.  We have been blessed with support beyond measure, and our Director personally believes our direction comes from the Spirit of love and understanding, protection and wisdom, teaching and knowledge, and ultimate grace.  We do not preach religion, but we are deeply spiritual people.  Because of these foundations, we are Focused, Patient, Precise, and Fast (FPPF).  We have extreme accountability standards.  


Serious, Dedicated, then Fun.


Trust us.  Call us.  See change.


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